Online Marketing

Once a well structured website has been developed we are able to provide clients with a wide range of advice and services to help them maximise their online presence and ultimately maximise their sales.


Extremely valuable for most websites to ensure that potential customers are able to easily find their site when they search for a product, service or advice on any of the popular search engines.

Google Advertising

Highly beneficial for some websites to ensure that maximum visitors and sales are achieved. However, google advertising must be fully understood and carefully set up to ensure it delivers maximum value for money.

Google Analytics Analysis

Installing google analytics on your website will provide a large amount of extremely valuable data and information about how people find your website and what they do when they are there. This will help us to formulate strategys to maximise your online enquiries and sales.


Blogs are extremely useful for many different kinds of businesses. They can assist with your seach engine optimisation, allow you to provide comment on any important and relevent issues for the benefit of your customers, provide a reason for people to revisit your website and help you develop your brand.
We can set a blog up for you and provide you with advice and instruction on how to develop it over time. We regularly write and upload blogs for our clients who are too busy running their businesses to have time to write and upload the blogs themselves.

Marketing on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube

Social networking and video streaming are becoming much more important in helping businesses maximise their online impact and sales. We will advice you how your business might benefit from exposure in these areas and where needed we will provide support to help you maximise your sales opportunities.

E-marketing to your Customer Database

Many businesses neglect their current and past customers and focus money and resources on finding new customer opportunities. We will show you how to market cheeply and affectively to your existing database. Clients are often surprised at how easy and successful this can be.

We have just won a new client through our new website – so it has paid for itself already. Sharp Marketing is now building on this with other brilliant ideas.

Janet Ridler
Southern Management Services

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