Marketing Consultancy

Sharp Marketing can provides solid marketing consultancy support to your company,  where ever you are based in the North West. Sharp Marketing’s consultancy services will be tailored to your businesses individual requirements to ensure we complement your business, your resources and your objectives. Here is a range of ways in which we are able to provide consultancy services within your business.

Marketing Plan Development

The marketing planning process identifies the future growth potential for a business, with a plan of how this can be achieved. Rigorous research and development of a marketing plan will ensure that a company is best placed to maximise its opportunities in a structured way.

Each marketing plan will vary to reflect the business involved, however many of the following elements are likely to be included:-

  • Competitors
  • Products
  • Price structure
  • Target market
  • Branding considerations
  • Routes to market
  • Objectives
  • Strategy
  • Activity plan
  • Resource required

Why do a marketing plan?

Good, rigorous marketing planning is essential to maximise the future growth and profit of a business.

It will ensure all activities you undertake are focused on achieving the same ultimate goal. It should however be flexible and reviewed regularly as the environment around it changes. A professional marketing plan is also an important element when looking to gain investment funding or sell an established business. We will often embark on developing a marketing plan when we first start working with a new client with an established business.

Regular Consultancy Forums

A regular opportunity to discuss the development of your business.

These forums or meetings are held every 2 or 3 months. They provide a strategic opportunity to review performance, success and achievement of objectives over recent months and develop new strategies and objectives for future development, supported by a detailed action plan. Ideal for a growing business who is not yet ready to employ a Marketing Director, but will benefit from regular strategic input to guide development and progress.

One off project

Many of our clients use us when they have a one off project, problem or need which they lack the resource or relevant experience to manage in-house. Projects may include new product development and launch, new market development or new routes to market. Whatever your project Sharp Marketing are able to provide focus, an independent viewpoint and a great depth of strategic experience to ensure that the project is completed diligently and to your timetable.

Adhoc marketing and strategy advice

Once we have built core knowledge on a clients business, we can return quickly and efficiently, to provide effective strategic marketing advice, manage new projects, mentor marketing decision makers or review opportunities for new market development as the need occur.

Sharp Marketing  quickly grasped the problem and the implications for us, sized the market and most importantly delivered us a strategic launch plan with a range of alternatives. After that our decisions were easy.

Pete Nightingale
Group Marketing Director – Breville

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