Brand Development

Often people have a really good idea for a new business but lack the knowledge of how to make that business a reality.

The first step is to decide on the name of the business and design a business logo. This is much more important than most people think, as it is the first thing your customer sees or hears. It should positively reflect the image of your company and what you do.

If you get your business name and logo right then it should communicate clearly to your target market what your business does.

Sharp Marketing Gallery

Here is a selections of brands we have designed for our clients.

Click on any of the logos to open the gallery and view a larger image.

We have years of experience of naming businesses and developing logos and straplines so why not let us help you.

If you are interested in developing a new business name and logo email Sharp Marketing or call 01254 832507

I completely trust sue’s judgement and value her input in all aspects of our business development including advertising, pr and marketing decisions.  

Karen McMahon
Sedum Supply

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